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With over 70 videos and counting, learn Shawn's method to passing the No Gi Butterfly Guard. Learn the system that surrounds and supports your bodylock and begin smashing through guards today!

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<p>The Bodylock Pass</p>

The Bodylock Pass

Learn the difference between the two primary styles of bodylocking - flat and spinning

<p>Nearside Underhook</p>

Nearside Underhook

Learn what actually makes the bodylock not only work to get around the legs... but set you up to stay there and advance.

<p>Leg Pummeling</p>

Leg Pummeling

Learn how and when you will need to use this extremely valuable skillset when passing the butterfly guard.

<p>1/2 and 3/4 Guards</p>

1/2 and 3/4 Guards

Learn how to continue your passing when your bodylock doesn't quite get you passed the legs.

<p>Smashing and Shin Pinning</p>

Smashing and Shin Pinning

Learn how to perfect these passes and where they fit in the bodylocking ecosystem. You may be surprised!

<p>Kill leg attacks, shoulder crunches, and more...</p>

Kill leg attacks, shoulder crunches, and more...

Learn how to effectively shut down the highest percentage, most dangerous attacks that come from the butterfly guard.

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