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The Digital Academy is meant as both a resource of individual techniques, drills and sequences as well as source of curated plans to guide your home or academy training. Online classes taught by one of the World’s leading jiu jitsu minds. Allow Shawn Williams to propel your jiu jitsu to new heights. Often referred to as "The Encyclopedia of Jiu Jitsu", everyone from beginner to elite will discover the details necessary to take the game to the next level!

Why Shawn Williams?

Shawn has extensive experience and knowledge in all things MMA, Jiu Jitsu, and Wrestling. Allow Shawn to guide you along your jiu jitsu life path.

4th Degree Black Belt

Shawn is a 4th degree black belt directly under Master Renzo Gracie. Immediately following Ricardo Almeida, Matt Serra, Rodrigo Gracie , Nick Serra. Promoted to black belt with his good friend and colleague John Danaher on April 2, 2002.

Trusted As A Guide

For over 15 years and counting, Shawn has been trusted as the lead commentator and analyst for the largest grappling competitions in the World such as: ADCC, IBJJF Worlds, Pans, No Gi Worlds, ADCC trials, WNO, and more.

Has Over 50 Black Belts Under His Tutelage.

Has over 25 years of coaching experience with every level of practitioner and athlete. He understands the frustrations and pitfalls that can be had, and has helped thousands throughout the World break though those and achieve their goals.

Competed At The Highest Levels

Shawn has competed at the highest levels all over the World. Accumulating many titles including a Bronze medal at the ADULT black belt Pan Am.

More Than Jiu Jitsu

Shawn has helped prepare as well as cornered some of the most elite fighters in the World. Georges St. Pierre, Matt Serra, Rodrigo Gracie, amongst several others. He also wrestled in college and has trained in the striking arts for over 35 years!


Not only is Shawn widely considered one of the very best instructors in the world, he is known to be an innovator and pioneer of many of today's Jiu Jitsu techniques. The Williams Guard is one of many systematic technical innovations that Williams has brought to the Jiu Jitsu World.


"Shawn Williams has been a huge help in the development of my ground game in combat. He truly is a living encyclopedia of Jiu-Jitsu." 

Georges St. Pierre

UFC Welterweight Champion & Hall of Fame Member

"I've had the privilege of learning the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) under Professor Shawn Williams. He has always been widely respected as one of the best, most technical instructors in BJJ. His love of the sport is contagious, and the supportive environment he creates on the mats is friendly and welcoming to all—regardless of whether you're a high level competitor or a brand new white belt."

Kristin H

Shawn Williams Black Belt

"...I had already been training for over a decade when I met Shawn but I was blown away by his attention to detail, depth of knowledge, and ability to articulate techniques step-by-step as well as the underlying principles of the art..."

Alexander Aung

2nd Degree Black Belt, Owner - Common Ground BJJ

<p>Georges St. Pierre</p>, <p>UFC Welterweight Champion &amp; Hall of Fame Member</p>
<p>Kristin H</p>, <p>Shawn Williams Black Belt</p>
<p>Alexander Aung</p>, <p>2nd Degree Black Belt, Owner - Common Ground BJJ</p>

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-Shawn Williams

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