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Current Systems and Masterclasses

price option <div class="editor-content"><p style="text-align: left">The Essentials: </p><p style="text-align: left">Cross Side Escapes</p></div>

The Essentials:

Cross Side Escapes


The quintessential escape guide from the cross side (side mount) pin.. plus much much more!

price option <div class="editor-content"><p>Bodylock The World</p></div>

Bodylock The World


A complete butterfly guard smashing system featuring the Nearside Underhook and Bodylock Passing.

price option <div class="editor-content"><p>The Essential Shin to Shin</p></div>

The Essential Shin to Shin


Your Guide to One of The Most Versatile, Aggressive Open Guards.

price option <div class="editor-content"><p>Dynamic Leg Pummeling</p></div>

Dynamic Leg Pummeling


Masterclass on All Things Leg Pummeling

price option <div class="editor-content"><p>Kimura Proof</p></div>

Kimura Proof


Learn to Escape the Kimura From Virtually Anywhere.


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