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With over 50 videos and counting, learn Shawn's method of Leg Pummeling to stop leg attacks in their tracks, cut through guards like never before, accelerate the success of your game, and so much more!

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<p><span class="text-lg"><span class="text-left block">Leg Pummeling From Everywhere</span></span></p>

Leg Pummeling From Everywhere

Leg Pummeling from the most common positions in the game.

<p>Out Pummel Leg Locks (Ashi Garami)</p>

Out Pummel Leg Locks (Ashi Garami)

Learn how to keep your feet and legs safe. Out pummel your opponent before they can even begin an attack.

<p>Half Guard Scenarios</p>

Half Guard Scenarios

Learn how to make passing easier and strengthen your bottom game with solid pummeling.

<p>1/2 and 3/4 Guards</p>

1/2 and 3/4 Guards

Learn how to effectively control the leg position and set up passes that leave your opponent stifled.

<p>Counter Advanced Guards</p>

Counter Advanced Guards

Learn how to counter and re-attack advanced guards, inversions and various situations to give you the upper hand.

<p>Enhance The Fundamentals</p>

Enhance The Fundamentals

Learn how to effectively enhance your fundamental game with the knowledge of how to use your legs efficiently.

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